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Comparison of motor between brushless and brush

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    Brushless motor is self-control type movement, so will not generate oscillation and step out when load mutation.Brushless motor internal rotation for strong permanent magnets, magnet outer winding coil, current flows through the periphery of the coil can produce strong magnetic field, and with the internal magnet to produce force, and then drive the motor at high speed. Brushless motor is through the hall sensors to put back the rotor position feedback control circuit, enable it to know the exact time of the motor phase shift. Because of brushless motor without brush, so there is no relevant interface, therefore more clean, less noise, less fault, less maintenance, loger life. Brushless motor without electric current lossing, more powerful, under the same conditions using time is longer, use efficiency is higher.
        Brush motor stator is installed on a fixed main magnetic field and brush, the armature winding and commutator are installed on the rotor. Dc power supply of electricity through the brush and commutator into the armature winding and producing armature current. Armature current to produce electromagnetic torque rto make armature current overload the motor spins. Contact surface of carbon brush and copper head will produce the rlrctric spark that can cause the wear of copper head and carbon brush and the electric current consumption. Because of the existence of brush and converter, brush motor has poor reliability, more fault, bigger maintenance workload , shorter service life, larger noise, commutation spark susceptible to electromagnetic interference.